Stella Madison is Back!

The second Stella Madison Caper releases TODAY, dear readers, and I am very excited to let you in on a BIG secret… she is going places! More about that, later. Right now, she has just gotten herself out of another wave of unexpected trouble (it could happen to anybody), and actually survived to tell about it. 

So, if you find yourself with an hour to spend, think about using it on this uplifting little Dollar Download from Harbourlight Books (an imprint of the Pelican Book Group), you might come away with something that would come in handy, later on, along your own road. Just saying.

Anyway, welcome back, Stella… again!

About the story…

Stella Madison is back, 
this time with a bevy of friends. But just how far should a person go when it comes to sticking by their friends? 
There's a thief in the rambling old mansion she moved into. And while it was someone who was quick to lend help when Stella needed it most, how can she possibly return the favor without jeopardizing herself along with them? 

No person is obligated to go that far... right?

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