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Just downloaded this book by Elaine Marie Cooper, today, and can't wait to read. I'll be reviewing it later, but wanted to "spotlight" it for any who would like to join me in a foray into this little-known historic event that Elaine has has amazingly brought back to life. 

Not to mention I can see interesting discussions and parallels ahead. I absolutely love "armchair time-traveling" (less side effects than the real thing) so, come along with me and let's enjoy!

About the book...

In the early months of 1775, war is brewing in the American colonies. Although frightened, eighteen-year-old Betsy Russell of Menotomy Village, Massachusetts, wants to be prepared in case of attack by British troops. Her father, prosperous farmer Jason, is the fourth generation of Russells on this land, yet their very rights as British Colonials are being stripped away one by one. Will the King of England take their land as well? Tensions are growing here in the countryside west of Boston and the outbreak of battle seems a certainty. 

While Jason desperately wants to protect his family and their future, Betsy makes every attempt to be prepared for the worst. But not even the American militia could have predicted the bloody massacre that was about to occur right on the Russell's doorstep... 

Based on a true story.

About Elaine Marie Cooper...

Elaine Marie Cooper is the author of THE ROAD TO DEER RUN, THE PROMISE OF DEER RUN and THE LEGACY OF DEER RUN. Her passions are her family, her faith in Christ and the history of the American Revolution, a frequent subject of her historical fiction. She grew up in Massachusetts, only a few blocks from where the actual events in FIELDS OF THE FATHERLESS took place. Find out more about her by visiting: 

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