True or False?

There are a few things in life we would rather not have to deal with. Most of which have to do with the supernatural. If you were to see a ghost, for instance, nine people out of ten would not admit to it. Because what would others think? More importantly, what would they think of you?

Even so, whether ghosts, premonitions, or near death experiences, most people have had some kind of supernatural encounter at some time in their lives. Including those who are the least likely to believe. Such as people in the medical profession. Medical people experience certain "supernatural phenomena" on enough of a regular basis to be forced to give some of them a name. Which is exactly what happened with something they call "The Lazareth Syndrome." 

This is when a person who is pronounced dead, unexplainably comes back to life, again. In the book THE RISING by Lynn Chandler Willis, which I reviewed several weeks ago, the author dealt so ingeniously with a case of the Lazareth Syndrome, that I simply had to invite her back to answer a few questions...

Welcome back, Lynn. I don't mind saying your book has kept me thinking long after I read the last page. Such an intriguing subject! How did you come up with the idea of using it as the main premise for THE RISING? Was there an "ah-ha" moment when it all came together for you?

Well, Lilly, I love playing the "what if" game and with THE RISING, I just kept taking it one step further. What if a troubled detective came face-to-face with a miracle? But what if she could only see it in black & white? What if... 

Yes, you've done a great job of weaving Detective Ellie Saunders's questions and skepticism into the issue. Which makes me wonder if this is a pathway you have been down, yourself, or have you always been a believer in this phenomenon called the Lazareth Syndrome?

I've always believed in the Lazarus Syndrome. Once in awhile you'll hear about it happening but you seldom hear about it being disproved. 

What do you hope readers will take away from the story? 

The power of forgiveness, especially forgiving yourself, and the power of redemption. Just the term 'born again Christian' has so much meaning. 

It certainly does, and you have done a marvelous job bringing those things into question. Which makes me wonder if we will we see other "phenomenon books" from you, or was THE RISING  a one-time deal?

 I've had readers show interest in continuing Ellie's story but I can't say it will happen, and I can't say it won't! I've always been interested in the "unexplained" but my two current projects are strictly mystery/suspense of the natural kind.

What do you find so intriguing about writing crime fiction? The individual mysteries? The characters? The investigative process? 

Probably the characters. I'm so intrigued by human nature and why people do the things they do. Hopefully some of that passion works its way into my characters.

It definitely keeps a reader wondering "who done it" all the way to the end. But just out of curiosity, do you like working on jigsaw puzzles? Do you ever get nightmares? 

Laughing - I don't MIND working puzzles but they aren't something I do often. I don't have the patience. And I don't have common nightmares, but, I do have some irrational fears of things like clowns, dolls, and especially puppets! I can stare down a spider much better than I can a puppet with a creepy smile.

Hazards of the writing profession, when one has to let themselves explore avenues we wouldn't be caught dead looking into in real life, right? I can relate to some of that, myself. Any way you look at it, THE RISING  was a great read, Lynn. So… what can we look forward to seeing from you, next? 

My current WIP is NOBODY'S BABY. It's about a small town newspaper owner/publisher involved in the homicide investigation of her friend. And, WINK OF AN EYE, is a Private Eye novel about a PI running from a double-cross who helps a 12-year old prove the kid's father didn't commit suicide.  

Wow, both of those sound intriguing. I'll look forward to seeing them. As I'm sure others will, too. Meanwhile, thanks for such an entertaining and enlightening story with THE RISING, and I hope it sparks as many questions in "real life" as it does while reading the book. 

Thanks, Lilly. I hope so, too! 

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  1. The Rising sounds fascinating. I do believe in ghosts.

    1. I agree... it was fascinating! I believe in most things, myself, but personally I find I'm better off if I don't look. To be perfectly honest.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Ghosts don't scare me nearly as bad as clowns. Now a clown ghost...oh boy.

    1. Good heavens, Lynn... wouldn't even want to think about that one. I'm having a hard enough time trying not to think about bears!

  3. Fascinating subject. I must read this book, too! So many books! So little time!

    1. I keep thinking I'm going to sail through my "to read" pile in front of a cozy winter fire. Trouble is, I left my fireplace at home, haven't done much sailing, and am going on my second winter of travels. Hmm... something doesn't seem quite right about all the extra time living in a small place was going to give me!

  4. Sounds like a good book.

    And in regards to dolls and puppets...that movie Chuckie...I've only seen the ads but that is such a sick, sick movie. It is sooooo scary.

    1. Those ads scared the daylights out of me (I didn't see it, either). However, I couldn't help laughing at that ad the US Postal Service put out last year about a family all standing outside their house because someone gave them something like that for Christmas. The one where the mailman saved the day by bringing one of those "if it fits, it ships" boxes. Still makes me laugh...