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CAIRO by Victoria Pitts Caine was a very different read for me since I have a habit of sticking to books about favorite historical times and places. However, being a lover of adventure as well, I couldn't pass this one up. The idea of a sort of female Indiana Jones was very appealing. 

With a spunky heroine who is brave enough to do whatever it takes to rescue her friends (even if she had to do it alone), Liz McCran was easy to like right from the beginning. The not-so-easy-to-like (but very mysterious) Donnie, whom she was traveling with, along with a dark and handsome local as their guide, would have made this plot good reading all by itself. 

But what a pleasant surprise to find it so well-researched, and peppered with many interesting stories, unusual facts, and detailed information about the Egyptian culture, itself. Riddles and clues were so well-woven into the story, I found myself wondering many times if that part was real, or imagined. Which (in my opinion) is one of the best storytelling traits an author can have. 

All of which makes CAIRO a great escape. One I would recommend  to anyone who would like to catch a glimpse into this ancient city, and come away feeling as if you had been there. Definitely looking forward to reading the other two books in this trilogy!

A few things I just had to ask…

Welcome, Vicki, thanks for stopping by for a chat.

Thanks for having me, Lilly.

This is a very well-researched novel. Where did your interest in Egypt come from, and how did you go about gathering such detailed information? Have you ever been there?

I've always been interested in ancient Egypt. I find the history, customs, and culture extremely exciting. I am an internet traveler and researched many different websites for the background information including travel sites, religious sites, and ancient legends and myths. I also bought a few books on the ancient culture. Along the way I interviewed people who were well acquainted with the Middle East and emailed a Coptic priest (Egyptian Christian) about the situations in the book. I've never traveled to Egypt, but have been asked by many who read the book if I have.

Well, you did an incredible job. After all that, what do you admire most about the Egyptian culture? 

The Egyptian Christians have a hard existence. In Egypt, Christians are few in ratio to the rest of the population, yet they have been practicing their faith since the fifth century. I find that fact totally amazing. They continue to persevere under adverse conditions.

That is amazing. How did writing a story about a place so different from most effect you as an author? Was this a one time thing, or are there similar books for your readers to look forward to? If so, are they all based in the Middle East, or are there plans to explore other places and life-styles?

In doing the research of believers so different from myself, I realize how lucky I am to live in a country where I'm allowed to believe as I do. CAIRO is actually the middle book in a trilogy. The first book, ALVARADO GOLD, is based on a story of a treasure hunt that is actually part of my family history. Addie Wright is a document restorer of Egyptian papyrus and artifacts for the San Francisco museum. In CAIRO Addie and her husband travel to Egypt for a vacation when they are kidnapped. 

At the end of the Cairo adventure Addie's cousin Donnie, who is a character in all three books, remains in Egypt.  In the third and final book, THE TEMPERING AGENT, he is involved in capturing a murderer and antique trafficker.

Wow, I will definitely look forward to reading those. Considering the turmoil that Egypt is in today, are there any special concerns or insights you have for these people you have come to know so well?

I am concerned for them. Watching the news here locally, there are many people who have family in Egypt and are fearful for their relatives in Cairo. I hope they will be able to rely on their faith in this current situation.

Which is a good reminder to keep them in our prayers. What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

I hope my readers will see that all things are possible through God, and even though you might find yourself in a situation where you think you know best, God is the one in control. Also, a little insight to what Christians go through in other countries that we don't even realize. It might even spark the question in our hearts if we'd pay the ultimate price for our beliefs.

Serious issues, any way you look at them, Vicki, and what a wonderful "vehicle" you've invented to bring them to the front of our conscience. Thanks so much for sharing.

Appreciate the visit, Lilly.

Victoria Pitts Caine has been a published author since 2007. She prefers to write fiction but has done a couple of pieces that are adaptations of true stories.  Christian Romance is her genre but there's a lot of suspense and adventure in her books, too.

She lives in Central California, and enjoys  reading, travel and collecting exotic gemstones. To find out more, you can visit her website.


  1. Oooo, these sound like they're right up my alley! Definitely adding to my TBR list!

    1. Hi, Karla... certainly was a reminder for me to poke my head up out of my typical reading fare every once in awhile. What a lot of interesting stuff I might miss out on if I don't. As for not having enough time, I'm seriously thinking of not washing dishes every other day in order to do that...

  2. Fascinating interview, Victoria. Lilly, thanks for hosting her.

    I appreciate the reminder that God is indeed in control. One of my good friends traveled to Egypt a few years ago and she saw first-hand that living conditions were ripe for unrest. May God bless and be with all those who live there, as well as with us.

    1. Amen, Elaine... I so agree. What an eye-opener this was for me, as well. You know sometimes I think I've been narrow-minded without even knowing it? Yikes, what a sobering thought that is...

  3. Those books sound good. And...great interview. Thanks!

    1. Hello to the amazing Sally A... who does more in one day than any person I know! I'm sure I could learn something from you about that (we'll have to talk). Meanwhile, thanks so much for stopping by today!

  4. Lilly - thank you so much for having me on your blog and thank you ladies for your comments.

    1. My pleasure, Vicki... I shall now look at ancient history in a different light. Who knew there could be so many interesting things hidden under all that dust?