Tuesday's Child is...

I look forward to reading books by Clare Revell. She never fails to entertain with diverse characters, and amazingly unique storylines that draw you quickly into the life and loves of each one. 

TUESDAY'S CHILD would have been a delightful scenario all by itself, with heroine Adeline Munroe running a doll hospital that had the same protocols as a people one. Except there was a disturbing serial killer on the loose that kept me turning pages longer than I planned on more than one occasion. I didn't want to see that beautiful little world Adeline had created get shattered.

I also liked how she jumped into life a hundred percent, even to the point of taking a self-defense class in her church. Led by one of the members (a very attractive Detective Sergeant) who  happened to be working on the case. Between his niece needing the services of the doll hospital, and Adeline having detailed visions about the murders before they happened, the Lord seemed to have had a hand in bringing these two together. Even though there were a lot of things working against them from the very beginning.
Which is all I'm going to say about the story. It's a good one, and anyone who likes one of those will not be disappointed. However, Clare Revell accomplished something with this book that effected a change in me in a very quiet but impressive way. After having met Adeline Munroe, I will never look at deaf people in the same way, again. Ever.

So thank you for that, Clare.

Well done!

You can find out more about Clare, and the other books in this series by visiting her website. There are seven of them, one for every day of the week. How great is that? Meanwhile, here's a bit of a peek into all of them...


  1. Thank you :)I'm glad you enjoyed it. Grandad was deaf - lost his hearing during an explosion in WW2 that almost killed him - did kill the man right next to him. He never let it get him down either.

    1. Well, it rang true and you did a marvelous job of getting not only that sense of a whole person across, but a very appealing one, as well. Yes, I definitely enjoyed reading TUESDAY'S CHILD... and your Grandad must have been an amazing man!