Queen of the Waves: a review...

Janice Thompson is one of my new favorite authors. This because her stories always make me feel like I've spent some time with extended family for awhile and been refreshed by the visit. Her books are “feel good books.”

The very reason there has been so much anticipation to see whether, or not, she could do the same thing with a deeper, more serious book. Like QUEEN OF THE WAVES. Well, one cannot get any deeper or more serious than the sinking of the Titanic! So, how did she do it?

I'll tell you. She did it by taking her perspectives with her. It wasn't the catchy plot (even though she had one of those), or even the vivid look into that fateful voyage she gave. It wasn't a surprise ending, either, considering we all know what happened there. No. For me, it was the family thing, again.

Those familiar characters that could have been my own sister, brother, or friend, who grappled with the same personal issues we all face at one time, or another. More importantly, how they survived them. 

And even though I found it very interesting to “catch a glimpse” of the clothes, and the food, and the luxuriousness of that floating palace, I came away with the wonderfully familiar encouragement in the “art of coping” one always bumps up against in a Janice Thompson novel. Which I take very seriously, no matter what the venue is.

A thing that (in my opinion) makes Janice something of a “queen of the waves,” herself.

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