More of the Profound Suspense of ATHOL DICKSON…

I'm back with Athol Dickson, today, to continue talking about his new Christy Collection release, and the many things that make him who he is today. Welcome back, Athol…

Thanks, Lilly. Good to be here.

I believe we left off talking about themes. What themes do you most like to write about?

Love and Forgiveness.

Ah, the big ones. Not to mention universal, as we all seem to struggle with those two at some time or other in our lives. Some even all their lives. Are you working on anything particular at the moment?

Right now, I'm working on a mystery. Hopefully the first in a long series, about retired a Marine who becomes a chauffeur and a body guard. He helps his clients out when they’re being blackmailed or have problems with the law and so forth. He inherits a multi-million dollar fortune, but he prefers to keep working and live simply, so he keeps his money secret from most people.

That definitely sounds like another good one. Now, on a personal note, where might readers most likely bump into you when you're on vacation?

Well, later this Fall my wife and I will take in the annual wooden boat show at Port Townsend, Washington, then circle the Olympic peninsula, and then head up to Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia. From Vancouver we’re going to Banff, and then down to Glacier National Park in Montana before heading home. We love road trips.

Hey, a man after my own heart. The Captain and I will be taking in that wooden boat show, ourselves, as we are currently living on a boat in the area, getting it ready to sail up the Inside Passage to Alaska. I understand you did something like that, yourself, once, too.

Yes, I once spent a year on a yacht, cruising the east coast.

A fellow adventurer, then. It will be wonderful to see you there. Meanwhile, it's been a pleasure visiting with you, Athol, and here's wishing you all the best with the release of your Christy Collection. 

Thanks for having me, Lilly.

My pleasure. Tomorrow I'll post more about the books  that will be included, as well. Today, here's a peek at THEY SHALL SEE GOD… the one that will come pre-loaded on the winning Kindle (details at the top of the sidebar for any who would like to enter the contest).

Little Katie was a Christian. Her very best friend Ruth was a Jew. The girls’ eyewitness testimony sent a very bad man to Louisiana’s infamous Angola prison. Twenty-five years later, Ruth has become an embittered rabbi, Kate is a lonely widow, the bad man is out, and people are dying in the strangest of ways. Torn apart in childhood by animosities beyond their understanding, Kate and Ruth can no longer elude the past’s unfinished business. To survive, these very different women must reach out to each other in spite of the mayhem and mistrust that shrouds one vital truth: sometimes the most dangerous of enemies crouches just inside the human heart.


  1. Oh, my! I may have to break down and buy a book!

    1. Me, too, Carol. Even though something tells me reading an Athol Dickson book might be similar to eating only one potato chip... but I'm going to do it anyway!