Her name is Sassy Pants, and she has been here before. She was a wild thing, but that wasn't really her fault. Because somebody spoiled her when she was little (and very cute), by letting her do anything she wanted to. As she got bigger, she found the most fun by making trouble. Others tried to correct her, but "she did not listen, nor did she care." In the end, someone (much bigger than her) had to make her do what was right. Which was not fun, at all. And because no one had ever treated her like that before, it practically broke her heart. 

If you haven't read SASSY PANTS, the first book written about this mischievous farmyard pig, let me highly recommend that you do. Because whether you are five years old, or fifty, you will find a treat in store. Not just in all the colorful characters (even though they are wonderful). And not even in the delightful way Ms. Brown can twist a word or a phrase that is a pleasure all by itself. No. The big treat about SASSY PANTS is a hidden secret to be discovered there. One that even some of us adults never knew. 

I just had to say all that even though this particular review is not about SASSY PANTS. it's about the second book in the series, called SASSY PANTS MAKES AMENDS. A story I liked even more than the first one, with a bigger secret hidden in it. Oh, the same barnyard friends were there, and--  once, again -- Ms. Brown's way with words was absolutely delightful. It was another great story, no matter what age you might be. But the reason I liked this one best is because I (Lilly Maytree) learned something from it. Something I have always assumed I knew, already.

SASSY PANTS MAKES AMENDS touched my heart, and actually made me want to be a better person. It made me see how I actually could be. Even at my age! So, not only will I be buying these books for the children in my family, I'm going to slip one to a couple of the crusty old adults, as well. Who knows? It could very well have the same effect on them as it did on me…

And that would be priceless.

June 19th is "Launch Day" for SASSY PANTS MAKES AMENDS. If you buy a copy during this special "birthday party," you will be able to download many other wonderful free gifts to add instantly to your purchase. That's how highly the many friends of Sassy Pants regard her. Personally, I consider it quite the privilege to be a part of this celebration, and to recommend it to all of you, dear readers, with my whole heart!

A bit about Carol...

Carol was raised in a rural farming community in Iowa for the first 16 years of life.  The family moved to Minnesota where she finished high school and then pursued academics.  She met her husband, David, during his internship with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They married in 1969, and have ministered together in Idaho, Indiana, Ohio, Australia, Germany, Finland, and Canada, David as pastor, counselor, and trainer; Carol as educator, helpmate and intercessor.  They have two daughters and five grandchildren. As educator Carol has taught elementary, then community college, college and university classes.

“I started telling stories when I had enough brothers for an audience!”


  1. Thank you Lilly for hosting me. I'm so glad the story touched your heart. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day! Blessings

    1. My pleasure, Carol... and many blessings on Sassy Pants, and all of her coming adventures!