AFTER THE FIRE by Clare Revell

I love it when Clare Revell comes out with another book, and she always seems to have one in the works. What's more, it is very easy to get to know Clare, and she never seems to mind answering my crazy questions. Reading AFTER THE FIRE left me with a lot of questions.

 Not about the story (very enjoyable!), but about where it took place. I really want to go there, now. And about the food. Which, now that I know what it is, I would really like to try, as well. Is that the sign of a good writer, or what? You can look in on our conversation at the end of my review. But first, here's a bit about the book...


This book has a mystery to solve, and I like mysteries. But it also takes place in a very appealing vacation spot, and I love vacations, too. Mix these in with a couple of private investigators that are not typical, and you get a story that  keeps you turning pages. It also keeps you thinking of that lovely little place, in Cornwall, when you are doing other things. 

Freddie (Frederica) and Jason have known each other before, and neither of them like their assignment. However, the most enjoyable part of this book is the relationship between the two, as one thing leads to another, and they find themselves in ever increasing danger. All of which would make good reading just by itself. But the thing I liked best about AFTER THE FIRE, was the very thought-provoking theme that effected me even after the story was ended. It had take away value. 

Not only did it linger long after the satisfying ending, I caught myself listening for that "still, small voice," myself, and looking at life's disasters in a very different way. I find Ms. Revell's spiritual perspectives extremely refreshing. And I like the way her characters always seem like someone familiar to me, very early on. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romantic suspense… and anyone else, as well.


Clare, I really enjoyed your descriptions of Cornwall, have you ever been there, yourself? And what about this location made you want to place this story there? 

I've been to Cornwall several times on holiday with the church. We stayed in Tintagel, right on the cliffs, where King Arthur was. So many happy memories along with all the beaches, caves and islands made it seem the ideal location for the story.

Well, it certainly was, I felt like I was right there. Not to mention all that scrumptious food Feddie and Jason ate. There's some I've never heard of, but would love to find out more about. Like what is a cheese salad?

In the story it'd be in a roll, but it can be just served on a plate. It's slices of mature cheddar cheese (has to be cheddar), with letttuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, apple and lashings of salad cream. I love cheese salad.

It sounds delicious, I'm going to have to try that sometime. How about cream tea?

Cream teas are scrummy. Huge home made scones, with strawberry jam and thick clotted cream. Served with pots of hot tea. 

My goodness, what is clotted cream?

It's really thick, very buttery cream, made with full cream milk. It contains so much fat, it's actually considered butter in the US and not cream. Looks like this picture, here. 

Absolutely heavenly, I'm sure. Definitely made me want to go on holiday in Cornwall!

Makes me want to go back. And the pasty recipe in the book I use a lot.

Mmm… could you be talked into sharing it?

I might consider sharing if people ask.

Lovely. You can put my name down for that one. And last but not least, can you give us a hint about your next book that's coming up? 

I'm working on a series of seven novels which will be out in both print and ebook. The first one comes out April 27th. Based on a new version of the poem Monday's Child (especially written for my series). Each line of the poem is a hint and tag line of the actual novel it refers to. Here's the poem...

Monday’s Child must hide for protection,
Tuesday’s Child tenders direction
Wednesday’s Child grieves for his soul
Thursday’s Child chases the whole
Fridays Child is a man obsessed
Saturday’s Child might be possessed
And Sunday’s Child on life’s seas is tossed
Awaiting the Lifeboat that rescues the lost.

It sounds fascinating, Clare, and I can't wait to read all of them. Meanwhile, thanks so much for visiting with me today. By the way, would you like some tea?

I'd love some, Lilly.

Clare writes inspirational romance, usually of a suspenseful nature. Her books are available through her publisher Pelican Book Group and Amazon. She is married with three kids and lives in the UK. She loves watching sci-fi, crime drama, cross stitching, reading and baking. You can find out more about her on her website.


  1. Thank you for having me :) I love visiting here. And after doing your interview, I made hubby take me to the local shops so I could buy clotted cream and scones.

  2. Awesome review, Lilly!

    I LOVED After the Fire. Actually, now that I think about it, I've loved all of Clare's books! The danger, the suspense, the faith element...all make for a fantastic read! Congrats, Clare. Looking forward to the release of MONDAY'S CHILD!

    And I so want to try those cream teas...yummy!

  3. Hi, Clare... it's always a pleasure to have you for a visit. I've been thinking of cream teas all week, myself. Might have to do my own version of clotted cream, though. But it is on my wish list to hop "over the pond" and meet with you for the real thing, one of these days!

  4. Terrific review! I love mixtures of faith and danger...and look forward to your next release, Clare.

    And I love teas. We just had a formal tea for my niece's bridal shower, and I'm having tea with some writer friends this afternoon with some writer buddies. Delish.

    My favorite tea was at the Orangery at Kensington...our hotel was right across the street. Yummy!

  5. OK, I'm cracking up. Clare, you'll soon know why. I SWEAR I wrote my sections of Finding Home before reading this blog! I swear!!!! :-) (It's on its way to you, love! LOL!) Great post, and, I'm about to start my ARC of Monday's Child. I can't wait!! Blessings, and keep up the great work!

  6. I'm not much into the food part but I did like the characters and setting , looking forward to the book.

  7. Wahoo! I finally got a comment through (haven't a clue why it works sometimes and not others). Whatever. Better say everything real fast. Hello, Dora, Tanya, and Marianne... thanks for stopping by! Wish I could figure a way to serve tea to my book club visitors. Hmmm... where there's a will, there's a way. And, Dave, the characters and setting are the best part!